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How Can Counselling & Psychotherapy Help?


Couples & Relationship Counselling - Can help couples  who are going through difficulties to gain a better understanding, resolve conflicts and improve commuincation.  Help with coping more positively and effectively with the demands  that work, family and life changes bring, including work stress,  adjusting to parenthood, financial worries,  family issues  and major life transitiions.


Stress and Anxiety Counselling - Help with recognising triggers to stress and anxiety and gain coping strategies for managing stress


Bereavement Counselling - Can help if you are struggling to cope with bereavement or signifincant loss in your life and foster healing in a safe, supportive and confidential environment


Work Related Issues - Explore work related issues and how these may be impacting upon personal life.  Help with coping strategeis and achieving healthy work/life balance


Counselling Children & Young People - Counselling can help children, young people and students gain a better understanding of their feelings and emotions and their behaviours and help to make better choices for their future