Counselling &  Coaching


         From a Humanistic Integrative perspective, my approach  incorporates

         attachment theory, mindfulness, cognitive behaviour and solution focused                        

         theapy.  I tailor make my approach to suit individual or couples needs.


         From this approach I have also developed an Integrative Coaching model    

         to help encourage  life changes and realise full potential by helping to        

         help explore and choose life paths that will enhance positive living


          I believe that the key to success in counselling and psychotherapy is the

         strength of the relationship between client and counsellor


         Because of the flexibility of the approach, it  can be used effectively with a

         range of emotional difficulties including bereavement, loss, separation,

         divorce, anger, depression, sleep difficulties, anxiety, identity, confidence,

         illness, abuse, addictions, work related issues and life changing events.



          If you need help with  work/life balance, relationships, coping with

         change,  redundancy, adjusting to parenthood or settling into school,

         college or  university, or feeling you are not 'fitting in' ring or e mail me on
 or telephone 07831 611951